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The Custom Trip started when two friends passionate about discovering the world decided to share their experiences and help with the complexity involved in organising a trip.

We professionalise the planning and organisation to the smallest details so you can enjoy your holiday having a peace of mind that everything is thought of. We developed a unique approach to offer personalised and customised services at all stages of a trip, being your partner in travel every step of the journey. We got you covered from budget calculations and organising the activities through visiting the attractions or finding a quiet spot to unwind.

If you need a romantic wedding or escape for a honeymoon we will listen to your specific requirements and plan you a trip of a lifetime. We believe that travel is a necessity throughout your life, even more so when it comes to having your honeymoon escape. We understand you might want to plan and organise the wedding yourself, so why don’t leave it up to us to organise your honeymoon? After all, you need to relax and just enjoy after your big day!

“Travelling is a necessity and we are here to help.”


We integrate the expectations and the traveller profile to our deep knowledge of the destination, to plan and customize every detail of your trip.

For this, we developed a custom travel plan, encompassing:

  • The sightseeing tour plan
  • Forecast of daily average expenses
  • Planning of entertainment based on differentiated and customized tours especially for you, according to your objectives. Example: gastronomic, cultural, sports, honeymoon, exploration (see the city through the eyes of the locals)
  • Accompaniment during travel and tours, on demand
  • Personal assistance for problem solving during the trip
  • Guidance on documentation, Visas, vaccines, etc
  • Satisfaction interview to service evaluation (Post-trip)
  • And all the additional needs for the trip realization.